Tearing My ACL Renewed My Passion For Yoga

imageWhen it came to exercise, my moto used to be “go hard or go home.” Which meant to me, I was either competing against someone else, competing against myself, running, or weight training…..or staying at home doing none of the above…depending on what was going on in my life. I used to hate Pilates and yoga because it seemed sooo slow and boring. I needed to go at a faster pace and if I could win…even better! Now things are different. The chaos of life makes me yearn for quiet moments. I’ve practiced yoga on my own since having children because my body aches more and the stretches feel so much better now than they ever did to me before. I bounced back after the twins by pretty much not eating, but gained it back with my last pregnancy. It has taken years to get the weight off. Last year I started running. I was running 5 miles 3 times a week consistently for a while. I was starting to feel strong and fit. That wasn’t enough for me. I decided to enroll our boys and myself into Tae Kwan Do. I used to be pretty good when I was a teenager, so I thought no problem. One day, I decide to run 5 miles before class. Then I was paired up with a teenage boy for drills who was doing jump kicks. The competitive teenager that I used to be appeared out of nowhere, not to be outdone, and started doing jump kicks back. Then reality kicked my butt. I fell to the ground with a torn ACL. As I was trying to figure out what happened I realized half my life had went by since the last time I was in Tae Kwan Do. I am older now and should have been more careful with my body.

Since then I have been going to physical therapy and practicing yoga. Tearing my ACL has renewed my passion for yoga. Yoga has really helped me put my body to work without putting stress on my knee. I hope to explore and practice yoga more and share what I’ve learned.